Public affairs
and government relations

The reasons why organizations, companies and leaders want to be heard by elected officials and public office holders are many and varied: to move an issue forward, to contribute to the public debate surrounding a policy or law, to promote the social acceptability of a project, and so on.

In the same way, engaging in a conversation with the citizens, communities and various stakeholders affected by your actions can prove essential and crucial in the pursuit of your projects.

Speak out, but above all be heard

The political agenda and public opinion evolve so rapidly, and on the basis of so many different factors, that they can be difficult for managers to keep up with. To ensure your place at the heart of government priorities or your socio-political environment, our public affairs and government relations strategists will help you position your message and plan the actions you need to take to achieve your objectives.

How we go about it

We work with you to assess the issues, evaluate the risks, identify the opportunities and connect with the right people. With our innovative approach and on-the-ground experience, we'll suggest the best tactics for reaching out to politicians and decision-makers on your issue, taking part in the conversation and being consulted in the decision-making process.

Véronique Arsenault, Founding President, Mathieu Lavallée, Vice-President and Partner, Nancy Bouffard, Vice-President, and Tamara Chiasson, Director

We help you stand out from the crowd with a creative but proven approach

  • Government monitoring
  • Parliamentary committee follow-up
  • Stakeholder management and mapping
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Organization and preparation of meetings
  • Explanatory notes on government budgets
  • Government relations plans and strategies
  • Support for the introduction of legislation
  • Letter-writing campaign and citizen engagement
  • Drafting briefs for pre-budget consultations or parliamentary commissions
  • Analysis of government budgets
  • Public policy analysis
  • Government affairs monitoring
  • Public opinion campaigns
  • Media relations
  • Etc.

They put their trust in us