• Oct. 17, 2023
  • Public affairs and government relations
  • Clients: Cogir, Ivanhoé Cambridge, Pomerleau
  • Construction, Coups de cœur exponentiels
  • Written by: Yasmina Wahdani

Marc Séguin spruces up the Haleco project alongside Cogir, Pomerleau and Ivanhoé Cambridge

Haleco announced its collaboration with artist Marc Séguin and the city of Montreal at a major press conference on September 26. This media event, organised by our team with the help of Cogir, Pomerleau and Ivanhoé Cambridge, aimed to put forward the integration of Séguin’s artworks as part of the Haleco project. Members of the media were invited to discover his artistic creations and explore their link with Haleco. Emphasis was put on the artistic side of the projet in order to generate interest and enthusiasm towards this collaboration.

Exponentiel is proud to have contributed to this wonderful announcement. The Haleco project is a concrete example of sustainable architecture’s future in the face of our ecological, economic, environmental, and demographic challenges. It puts forward principles such as greater energy efficiency, optimised water management, and the use of environmentally friendly materials. Furthermore, part of the land will be set aside for green spaces accessible to all, and more than 66 social housing units will be built to promote inclusion and diversity within the community. Haleco also involves the community through innovative building management systems and educational programs.

Thanks to this artistic collaboration with Marc Séguin, the building’s facades will be decorated with his artwork, creating a fusion between urban art and sustainable development. The integration of art in the Haleco project illustrates a desire to promote creativity and artistic expression within a project focusing mainly on sustainability and urban ecology. The true symbiosis between the artistic vision of Marc Séguin and Haleco’s values reinforces Montreal’s reputation as a cultural and innovative city.

While we wait for the completion of construction, scheduled for summer of 2024, we look forward to seeing the project’s progress, which embodies our quest for sustainable and integrated urban development.