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Here it is! Exponentiel's privacy policy. Here you'll find out more about all our activities concerning the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. And in this policy, we pledge to respect the confidentiality of all personal information collected.

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What do we mean by "personal information"? Personal information is any information that directly or indirectly identifies an individual. Our policy therefore applies to personal information that Exponentiel collects via our website (, our sub-domains and through other tools. Here you will find information on our governance principles for all matters relating to personal information.

By accepting our policy and sharing your personal information with us, you consent to its collection, use and sharing as described in this policy.

Data collection

The information you provide

Our website offers several forms where you can enter your email address, your telephone number and/or your first and last names. These forms are used to contact us, to request information or to use our services. If you'd like to apply for a job, you can also share your CV and cover letter.

When an Internet user fills in one of these forms, he or she gives his or her consent for us to use and communicate this information, but always in compliance with the laws in force and according to the purposes we describe below.

Information collected automatically through the use of technology

Automatic data exchange

When you visit, data is automatically exchanged between your electronic device (computer, tablet, smartphone) and the server that hosts our website. It is this exchange of data that enables you to view our website. In concrete terms, here is the data that is required for this web connection and that is exchanged:

  • Your Internet provider;
  • Your IP address (this is a numerical address enabling the precise location of a computer connected to the Internet);
  • Your browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome) and operating system (e.g. Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS);
  • The pages you visit on our website, as well as the date and time you access these pages;
  • The address of the referring site if you come to this site from another website, via social media, for example.

We do not use this information to identify you. It is only required for the proper functioning of the Internet connection.

Web analytics and ad targeting

Our website uses tools to measure our web audience and to target advertising. These tools can provide basic statistics and numerical analyses concerning (connection time, location of connection, actions taken on the site, pages viewed, site of origin, etc.). This data can also be used to better understand user interactions and behaviours between different websites and social media platforms, or to find out which terms you used in a search engine to find our website. When collected, this data is treated anonymously. It does not allow us to identify you.

Cookie data

The Exponentiel site integrates several modules and extensions from other service providers. We use them to ensure that functions properly and is optimized. All these tools use cookies to facilitate their operation, optimize their performance and collect anonymous data related to the behaviour of visitors to our site.

Some of these cookies are necessary for the proper operation of our website, for security reasons, for example. Others are used for statistical or marketing purposes.

You can delete or deactivate all cookies from your browser settings.

Data shared through a form uses forms where you can share your contact information (email address, first and last name, phone number, etc.) for various purposes.

Our sign-up form collects your contact information for the sole purpose of adding you to our mailing list.

Our form for contacting us to request services or information, for example, collects your contact information (name, email, phone number) and any other information you choose to enter. This information is shared only with the management team in order to respond to your request.

Our application form, which allows you to submit your contact information (name, email, telephone number), your CV and a cover letter, is used exclusively for the recruitment process to enable the management team to process your application.

Any information you may share through any of these forms is used solely for the purposes described above.

Data disclosure

Who can access your data?

Exponentiel's management team has primary access to the data you may have shared through our website.

If necessary, certain external collaborators or suppliers may have access to it, solely for the normal operation of (hosting, sending newsletters, statistical analysis, etc.) or to achieve the objectives mentioned above (for example, responding to a request for our services or a request for information). Only the minimum number of employees concerned will have access when reasonably justified. In such cases, Exponentiel takes measures to protect your personal information. These measures may include confidentiality agreements, for example.

There are also situations where the law may require us to share your personal information. This may be to comply with a request from our insurers, to conduct audits, or to preserve certain of our rights. In other cases, we may receive a court order requiring us to provide personal information to law enforcement agencies, in which case we must comply. We may also disclose your personal information with your consent, or as otherwise permitted by law.

Retention of your personal information

How long will Exponentiel keep my data?

Exponentiel will retain your personal information for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected. There may, however, be circumstances that allow or require us to keep it longer. Once these purposes have been fulfilled, we delete the information. We have a procedure in place for the retention and destruction of documents and data to help us manage this.

External websites may include external information or links that redirect you to third-party websites. Exponentiel is in no way responsible for how these external sites or third parties treat your personal information. We invite you to consult their privacy policy before choosing to share your personal information with them.

Safety measures

What is Exponentiel doing to protect my personal information?

Protecting your personal information is important to Exponentiel. We have put in place a number of physical, technological and organizational measures to protect it. All personal information is hosted via Microsoft's Office 365 service or via the Kiwili company's servers for data related to the billing of our services. Only the management team has access to your personal information.

These measures include firewalls and encryption technologies.

We take reasonable steps to ensure that only those employees and subcontractors who need access to confidential data to perform, develop or improve our services are granted access. Our employees are also made aware of their role in protecting your personal information, and are themselves subject to confidentiality agreements through their employment contracts. However, no security measure can be absolutely infallible.

Your rights

Access or rectify your information, or withdraw your consent

You have the right to access your personal information once we have collected it. You may also withdraw your consent to our use or disclosure of your personal information for the purposes described above. If you wish to consult your personal information or withdraw your consent, you may contact us and send us a request using the contact information provided at the end of this policy.

You may discover that some of your personal information is incorrect, incomplete or ambiguous, or that its collection or storage is not authorized by law. In such a case, you may request that we rectify the information or cease to distribute it. If a hyperlink attached to your name provides access to information and the situation causes you injury or contravenes the law or a court order, you may ask us to de-index it.

We may ask you to provide information to confirm your identity in order to process your request. We may also be obliged by law to refuse your request for access, rectification or deletion, in whole or in part.

You may not agree with the way we handle your personal information. In such a case, you can send us a complaint in writing, which will be analyzed by our Privacy Officer, who will respond directly to you. You also have the right to file a complaint with the Commission d'accès à l'information via its website, by following this procedure.


If you have any questions about the collection, use or disclosure of personal information, please contact Exponentiel's privacy officer.

Mathieu Lavallée
Vice President and Associate

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Your continued provision of personal information or use of our site following any changes to our policy constitutes your acceptance of those changes.

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