A human-sized agency with
a grand vision

Our agency stands out from the crowd, and we promise to do the same for you. We want to be accomplices in your growth and success.

If you want to make a lasting difference and deliver superior results, Exponentiel will be your closest, most empathetic and trusted ally.

The Exponentiel communications agency management team: Véronique Arsenault, founding president, Mathieu Lavallée, vice-president and partner, Nancy Bouffard, vice-president, Karina Sieres, director and Tamara Chiasson, director
Pictogram of Exponentiel's values

We are...

Creative, but also responsive

We are never satisfied with just enough. We aim high, we think differently. We cultivate our curiosity. Our comfort zone is outside the box.

Optimistic, but also direct

We see the glass half full, but is a glass what you really need? We dare to ask the questions that call things into question.

Empathetic, but also authentic

We are passionate about people. We believe that Exponentiel results come when human connections are strong. Our methods are rigorous, but our approach is always caring.

Agile, but also thoughtful

We go off the beaten path to chart your own course. One that will achieve your goals as effectively as possible. We're not afraid of meticulously clearing the way to move forward. We believe that many heads are (Exponentially) better than one.

Members of the Ivanhoe Cambridge team, clients of the Exponentiel communications agency, in front of the Place Ville-Marie ring Pomerleau employees, clients of the Exponentiel communications agency

What we care about

Helping companies, leaders, team members and partners reach a higher level of success, while generating greater well-being for all.

Members of CellCAN, a client of the Exponentiel communications agency
Our values
Our values
Our values
Our values
Our values
Our values
Our values
Our values
Our values
Our values
Pictogram of Exponentiel's team

Close connections

People come first. Through collaboration and the relationships we nurture, we can make a positive and lasting difference to the future of organizations, and generate results that are Exponentiel.

Constant betterment

We work hard to constantly innovate, think differently and do better. We aim high, while diving deep. We rely on a highly personalized approach, enabling us to evolve with each project.

Pictogram showing Exponentiel's constant betterment
Pictogram showing Exponentiel's courageous tenacity

Courageous tenacity

In the spirit of co-creation, we cultivate humility and respect, but dare to ask tough questions. That way, you can get to the big issues quickly, in search of the truths that will make a real difference to your brand.

The Exponentiel attitude

    • Thanks to active listening and agile thinking, we're quick to respond to every need. Never reactionary, we work methodically, quickly and efficiently.

    • Each of our actions stems directly from our close and unique relationship with you. Your situation is different from all others. So are our solutions.

    • For each mandate, we don't stop until we've achieved the goals we've set ourselves, which are the highest possible. For us, obstacles are always a good opportunity to rethink the situation and innovate our response.

    • Recycling is great. But not for our projects. Instead, we cultivate the observation, understanding and insight that allow us to identify a unique message. Your message.

    • We're not naive. We know that the unexpected is part of life. But we also know that even in difficult situations, there are always ways of improving a situation or transforming it in a positive way.

Pictogram of Exponentiel's team in first place on a podium