Expanding our ranks to broaden the scope of possibilities

In the Exponentiel family, we collaborate, we help each other out and we have fun doing it. We don't aim to be the biggest agency, just an independent one that stands out through its innovative projects, stand-out clients and dedicated, dynamic team.

Suzanne Virgona, Director, Laurence Lacasse, Administrative Coordinator, Frédérique Taschereau, Consultant and Antoine Gagnon, Digital Communications Consultant
Pictogram of Exponentiel's team

This happens every day, by giving each person the resources, support and projects they will need to develop to their full potential. We support each person's goals, which in turn support the agency's goals. We identify opportunities that will help you stand out from the crowd and contribute to your progress and success.

Are we alike?

Pictogram of a magnifying glass
We're extremely

We ask a lot of questions, and we're really interested in the answers.

Pictogram of a mountain
We aim higher, but we also go deeper.

We get to the heart of the problem, then use our creativity to find an innovative approach.

Pictogram of a chart going up
We want to
constantly improve.

We never settle for what might do.

Pictogram of hands
We believe in our ideas, but above all, we believe in teamwork.

We cultivate humility and respect, and like to think outside the box. We share a common desire to create the perfect project.

Life at

Our stand out openings

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