• Jun. 14, 2024
  • Media strategies and relations, Public affairs and government relations
  • Client: ROCQTR - ATTRueQ
  • Community organization

Highlight the outreach work of street workers who are part of the ROCQTR and the l’ATTRueQ

Street Work Week showcases the diversity of resources available to help people in vulnerable and precarious situations. This vital accompaniment helps foster greater proximity with marginal and atypical human realities. The 2024 Street Work Week offers a key opportunity to raise the profile of this misunderstood profession and provide a much-needed voice to street workers.


Demonstrate the caring and trusting relationship that street workers develop on a daily basis and build awareness surrounding the practice of street work and the positive impact it has on the social fabric of our communities.


As part of its 360° outreach strategy, the Exponentiel team developed a complete campaign including government relations, media relations and digital communication tactics to reach as wide an audience as possible.

One key element of Exponential’s media strategy was a press release with a clear, concise message backed by key statistics detailing the many facets of the street work profession. The press release served as a teaser, a sort of preview for Street Work Week. And, in an effort to generate relevant, compelling spin-off coverage, our team harnessed the efforts of media outlets whose missions aligned with the core messaging of the ROCQTR and the ATTRueQ.

Exponentiel also created a media kit for participating organizations, including an advocacy guide, key messages for the Week’s festivities, communications materials, imagery themed for the Week, policy proposals and an action plan. With this wide-reaching tool in hand, organizations were better able to build a strong advocacy case for local political representatives, furthering the cause of street workers and their profession. The kit also increased participation in various Street Work initiatives among ROCQTR and ATTRueQ members.

On a separate front, Exponentiel approached Members of Parliament and organized meetings to obtain their support and recognition, both of which are vital to the sustainability of services for street workers.

Furthermore, Exponentiel created guerilla-style advertising destined for the streets of Québec City and Montréal, featuring a comic illustration by artist Catherine Bard and a vox-pop video with Québec Solidarity Spokesperson Manon Massé. This original content showcased street work in a variety of original ways, shedding vital light on this often misunderstood or little-known profession.

Lastly, the Exponentiel team developed an editorial calendar for Facebook and Instagram to share highlights of Street Work Week with social communities. Featuring compelling copy and original content, the ROCQTR pages succeeded in reaching a wide and highly diverse audience base.

Pictogramme de l'équipe de l'agence de communication Exponentiel qui atteint de nouveaux sommets


ROCQTR and ATTRueQ stood out with articles, interviews and an increased presence on Facebook and Instagram throughout the week.


  • 7 media mentions
  • Estimated total weekly traffic for guerilla ads in Montréal: 863,886 views
  • Media impressions: more than 633,000
  • 2 meetings with political figures
  • Facebook coverage: 12,664, with 2k visits, 79 new subscribers and a 4.71% engagement rate
  • Instagram coverage of 811, with 32 visits, 6 new followers and an engagement rate of 9.49%