Impact communications

Leaders are committed to the evolution of their business, their industry and society as a whole. As committed visionaries ourselves, we like to surround ourselves with passionate people who push boundaries and rethink the status quo.

Your convictions set you apart

If your organization wants to go further, if your company is aiming to transform its practices or make an ecological transition, or if you want to ensure that a new project is socially acceptable, our communicators and impact communication strategists can help you plan your actions, get your message across and make your voice heard.

Karina Sieres, Director at Exponentiel
We want to be part of the solution

We help organizations, companies and leaders to effectively communicate their actions and commitments, and to make informed decisions from a sustainability perspective.

We help you stand out with impact communications

  • ESG Planning, Strategy and Communication
  • EDI planning, strategy and communication
  • Best practice recommendations for social impact: donations, philanthropy, social commitment, and more
  • Social acceptability campaign and strategy
  • Public opinion campaign
  • Engagement campaign
  • Community impact communication (health, vulnerability factors, climate change, ecological transition, circular economy, etc.)
  • Inclusive writing
  • Social marketing
  • Content writing: impact report, ESG report, EDI report, and more
  • Responsible communications
  • Ethics and sustainable finance

They put their trust in us