• Sep. 13, 2023
  • Impact communications, Media strategies and relations, Photography and videography
  • Client: Chez Doris
  • Community organization

Raising Chez Doris’ profile and amplifying its impact

Exponentiel played a key role in helping Chez Doris achieve impressive results at its press conference for the inauguration of the new Bash Shetty Residence.

Chez Doris, an organization dedicated to meeting the needs of women in vulnerable or homeless situations, celebrated the inauguration of the new Bash Shetty Residence on Saint-André Street in the Ville-Marie borough to address the growing need for housing. The new building, with a total of 20 rooms, offers women experiencing or on the verge of homelessness an opportunity to take control of their lives. Residents have access to subsidized permanent housing thanks to a partnership with the Office municipal d'habitation de Montréal (OMHM).

To mark the facility's inauguration, on June 27, 2023, the organization and the City of Montreal invited the media to a press conference on the back terrace of the new residence. Exponentiel supported the project by applying its expertise to get the news out to the media.


  • Increase notoriety of Chez Doris among the general public and the media
  • Raise awareness of issues related to women in vulnerable or homeless situations
  • Position the organization in Quebec's French- and English-language media, highlighting its efforts to combat homelessness and the housing crisis.
  • Position spokespersons Marina Boulos-Winton, Executive Director of Chez Doris, Alexandra Delgado, Housing Coordinator (French-speaking spokesperson), and Frédérique Potvin, Manager of the Bash Shetty Residence (English-speaking spokesperson) in the media.


Working hand in hand with the organization, Exponentiel helped shape the message and make it powerful enough to attract the attention of journalists and the public, and help put the issues that concern Chez Doris on the agenda.

Le Clan deployed a remarkably effective media relations strategy, adopting a meticulous approach when selecting journalists to be invited. Exponentiel provided attentive support to the residence's spokespeople, preparing and guiding them throughout the media operation.

During the press conference, Exponentiel was on hand to ensure the smooth running of the event and to accompany the journalists. The media were greeted with a media kit bearing the organization's visual identity, and guided through each stage of the event, including the question period, ribbon-cutting ceremony, one-on-one interviews and tour of the site.

Thanks to this proactive, well-organized approach, combined with meticulous monitoring of media coverage, Chez Doris succeeded in achieving significant visibility well beyond initial expectations.


The press conference held on the eve of July 1st, Quebec's official moving day, was in step with a crucial current issue: the housing shortage in Montreal. The inauguration of the Bash Shetty Residence was hailed for its contribution to tackling the housing crisis and homelessness.

Collaboration with the City of Montreal and the different levels of government (provincial and federal) helped to attract a great deal of media attention.

The event generated a massive buzz, attracting the attention of numerous English-language media, as well as the French-language press. Press relations efforts generated a record number of positive and neutral coverage.


  • Reached 55,089,300 people exposed to media content, four times more than at the inauguration of the night shelter in September 2022
  • Eleven major French- and English-language media present at the inauguration
  • Twenty interviews conducted on-site by spokespersons

A touching video

The renewed hope of new residents was beautifully captured by our talented videographer Sébastien Lavallée.

This inspiring video, produced for a fundraising cocktail, highlights the dedication of the people involved in this project, the generosity of the donors, and the glaring need for services for vulnerable and homeless women.