• Jul. 8, 2024
  • Life at Exponentiel
  • Written by: Nancy Bouffard

An unlikely change: one year later!

Imagine a corporate communications manager, comfortably settled into her 30-year career within major public companies in Quebec. Well, that manager was me! And then, bam, I accepted the somewhat crazy challenge of becoming vice president at a communications and public relations agency. Goodbye comfort zone and hello agency life, where every day is a new adventure! Nearly a year after taking on this new role, I felt compelled to share a few things I’ve learned with you.

Life in a PR agency: an electrifying whirlwind

Working in a corporate communications team is never dull. The pace is fast, and routine is non-existent. Adrenaline had become an old friend. So, with confidence and a hint of recklessness, I approached my new life at the agency. Nearly a year later, agency life is far from smooth sailing! We go from one project to the next at breakneck speed, and each client presents their own challenges. It's a bit like juggling flaming torches while salsa dancing. Even though rhythm runs in our veins, it remains acrobatic! And what about consulting? Each meeting is a new investigation where you must decipher each client's precise needs and offer tailor-made solutions. I L.O.V.E IT!

Discovering at warp speed!

Switching from a homeless organization to a biotechnology startup, with a detour through a major cultural institution, all in a single day? Welcome to my daily life! Each sector has its own codes. Luckily, I'm a champion at adapting. Diving into diverse industries has given me a fantastic opportunity to broaden my horizons and enrich my expertise.

Hello Gen Z!

Working with Gen Z is like being on a roller coaster, where there are no ascents—just constant, thrilling, acceleration, leaving a big smile on my face. It's wild but incredibly stimulating! My colleagues, true representatives of this generation, have boundless energy and creativity, and they master social media like no other. In their company, I've even become the queen of Reels! I proudly embrace the role of the “cool aunt” and relish every single exchange.

Moving forward

The most important and rewarding aspect of this adventure for me has been witnessing the joy I feel in sharing my experience with my colleagues. Seeing their eyes light up when I pass on tips and knowledge—it's priceless! Together, we form a powerhouse team, ready to tackle any challenge with a smile. In short, the somewhat daring decision (worthy of a true Aries!) to switch to the agency side has been a breath of fresh air and a source of exponential satisfaction.

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