Sébastien Lavallée

An accomplished, celebrated photographer and videographer, Sébastien shines through his attention to detail and meticulousness. His freelance background has fostered remarkable adaptability, versatility, and a taste for innovation. Sébastien believes in the power of imagery to tell compelling stories. An independent learner at heart, his diverse skill set and boundless curiosity make him a true Swiss Army knife across a multitude of digital projects.

Before joining the Exponentiel team in 2021, Sébastien spent over 14 years as a freelance photographer and videographer. Since then, he has been the driving force behind many visual and creative projects thanks to his experience and expertise, which are put to good use in photo and video production mandates. His growing interest in all things digital has led him to deepen his knowledge in this area and to work on digital brand acquisition campaigns as well.

Both a creative and rational thinker, Sébastien enjoys sharing knowledge. He has taught the basics of video production in Montreal, Regina, and Vancouver, and loves to share his passions by hosting personalized training sessions for Exponentiel clients.

Sébastien’s photo series Histoires de Chasse (2009-2010) was selected as one of twelve finalists in the 2011 edition of C-41, Révélateur de photographes émergents. This exhibition, which highlighted emerging photographers, ran in conjunction with the 2011 World Press Photo tour presented at Montreal’s Bonsecours Market.

He has also been honoured for his architectural and press photography through numerous provincial and national awards from the Professional Photographers of Canada Association, and in 2018 won the prestigious title of Commercial Photographer of the Year for Ontario. Additionally, Sébastien has sat on the juries of many photography competitions.

Sébastien holds a degree in Film Studies and Comparative Literature from Université de Montréal, and has also studied communications, journalism and marketing. He is currently studying marketing at HEC Montréal, with a concentration in digital marketing.

He loves life at Exponentiel because…

I get to work on projects that take me out of my comfort zone. I love to learn and to push beyond the limits of my expertise.

What’s most important to him

I like to work with organizations that promote art in all of its forms. I love to ensure that everyone has fair access to works of art.

His Exponentiel attitude: personalized creativity

I like finding creative solutions to tell our clients’ stories.