Mathieu Lavallée

Built on a highly-varied range of professional experience in the legal, media and economic sectors, Mathieu is a skilled strategist who quickly grasps the news and understands how to convey it. He draws on his keen analytical skills to rapidly identify the challenges at hand before applying his quick, efficient talents as a writer and communicator.

Prior to joining Exponentiel as a Partner in 2018, Mathieu spent more than five years at TACT Intelligence-conseil. He previously worked as an economics journalist, first for Canal Argent (Groupe TVA) and later for Les Affaires. A lawyer by training, Mathieu has practiced in fields ranging from municipal law and housing cooperatives to class actions.

Showing a profound involvement in his community, Mathieu has served on Trajectoire Québec’s Board of Directors since 2018, and became Chair in 2022. He has also served as a Director of the JCCM (Jeune chambre de commerce de Montréal) where he headed their Public Affairs committee. In addition, in 2010 he co-founded the MediaCamp initiative to assess the challenges facing the media industry.

At Exponentiel, Mathieu is a key resource for complex mandates, particularly those involving crisis management, public issues and financial communications. Throughout his career, he has supported organizations in a broad range of sectors (natural resources, energy, IT and cleantech, retail, finance and investment) with the entirety of their strategic communications initiatives.

Mathieu holds a Bachelor of Law and a Certificate in Journalism from Université de Montréal, and is also a member of the Québec Bar Association. He is currently completing a Certificate in Investor Relations with the Canadian Investor Relations Institute.

He loves life at Exponentiel because…

There's always an element of novelty: new things to learn within a sector or about a client, new challenges, and new people to meet. I also like watching the table get bigger and bigger every Christmas...

What’s most important to him

Justice, and access to justice – these are fundamental causes to me, a legacy of my background in law. That said, I'm also committed to sustainable mobility issues. That's why I've been involved for several years with Trajectoire Québec, an organization that represents citizens and promotes their interests with regard to public transit in Quebec.

His Exponentiel attitude: dynamic responsiveness

When there’s an emergency or an urgent need, I react quickly to address that need and support our clients.