Marie-Christine Houle-Caron

Marie-Christine is an empathetic and visionary leader desiring to contribute to the success of her clients thanks to concrete solutions centered on impact. Using her strategic thinking and creative ideas, she engages customers and colleagues alike by using everyone's full potential.

Marie-Christine has a rich track record as a communication officer at private corporations (Pomerleau, TELUS) and in the academical field (Concordia University, GlycoNet). She has also represented a Canadian non-profit at the United Nations, advising representatives of many countries during annual negotiations on issues concerning women and families. With a passion for leadership and training, and firmly believing in everyone’s capacity to positively impact their communities, she has also assumed the role of executive director of Ton Avenir en Main, a leadership training program intended for teenagers. Member of Exponentiel’s team since 2021, she now employs her rich background to collaborate on governmental relation mandates, corporate communications, executive positioning, and 360-degree reach.

Marie-Christine has a Bachelor of Communications and Canadian Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario.

She loves life at Exponentiel because…

I am surrounded by exceptional human beings and professionals. Working alongside them as a leader and colleague is a privilege. We know how to stick together, step in when necessary and help each other. Exponentiel offers me a professional environment imbued with humanity, kindness, understanding and respect.

What's most important to her

Being afflicted by a severe food allergy myself, I have a personal connection with the issues raised by Allergies Québec. Quebec is the only province without laws or regulations on handling of allergies in schools. One of my first mandates at Exponentiel was raising political awareness of this issue. I am proud and happy to have been able to create some momentum, with Défi Collations, for this cause that affects more than 75,000 young people in Quebec.

Her Exponentiel attitude: personalized creativity

I like finding new original ideas to allow our clients to stand out. Even with sensitive cases such as governmental relations, I believe that we can be creative, as long as that creativity supports objectives.