Lysa-Marie Rochon

Lysa-Marie has a passion for communications, and brings her characteristic curiosity and energy to each mandate. Attentive and open-minded, she’s an excellent listener who always takes a people-centric approach to her work. Lysa-Marie is also a consummate writer with a knack for simplifying complex concepts and telling engaging stories.

Before joining the Exponentiel family in 2022, Lysa-Marie worked as a Communications Officer at Biron Health Group, where she brought the employer brand to life within the organization through various internal communications initiatives. She also worked on the public relations and social media team at Prestilux, where she helped promote several beauty brands across Canada.

Lysa-Marie holds a Bachelor in Communications (Public Relations specialization) from Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). She is currently completing a Masters in Marketing Management at HEC Montréal.

She loves life at Exponentiel because…

I love the excitement of agency life! The variety of assignments entrusted to me and the resulting human connections are really exhilarating. Agency work also allows colleagues to collaborate in unique ways and to pool everyone's expertise. It's an environment that enables me to grow both personally and professionally.

What’s most important to her

I had the opportunity to do media relations for Chez Doris on several occasions, and I always volunteer to support their outreach and mission. I’m passionate about women's issues.

Her Exponentiel attitude: strategic innovation

I can quickly assess needs and respond to them in an innovative way. I’m always ready to take on new challenges. I like to leverage my strategic thinking and creative spirit to elevate our client projects to the next level.