Frédérique Taschereau

Guided by authenticity and a drive for excellence, and inhabited by a bold and adventurous spirit, Frédérique constantly seeks to venture off the beaten path. She strives to make a real difference in the world by working with clients who make a positive impact.

Frédérique’s involvement with the Quebec Society of Public Relations Professionals (SQPRP) and her PR agency experience (CONSULAT Public Relations) have helped her develop strong strategic acumen and impactful writing skills, as well as solid expertise in government and media relations and event planning. Since 2023, she has supported the success of Exponentiel’s projects by developing strategies that are both authentic and persuasive.

Frédérique holds a Certificate in Communications from Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and a Bachelor in Physical Education and Health from Université de Montréal. Strengthened by four years of teaching experience, this dual training affords her unique insights in both communications and education.

She loves life at Exponentiel because…

In an agency, no two days are alike, and they often provide a good jolt of adrenaline. I also think the most important element in any job is the team. I get to work with a lot of bright people who are bursting with ideas. It's stimulating and makes every workday enjoyable.

What’s most important to her

Women's place in society, and especially in sports, is extremely important to me. I want to question standards, preconceived notions, and perceptions. Whenever possible, I draw inspiration from this when writing for my clients, as I did with the portraits of the people behind the REM. If I can contribute to showcasing strong female role models in sports, then I'll have fulfilled my life's mission!

Her Exponentiel attitude: dynamic responsiveness

I enjoy being in the heart of the action and I always bounce back after a setback.