Camille Bilodeau

Resourceful, perceptive and determined, Camille finds creative solutions to every problem she encounters. Her passion for travel and her openness to the world make her a bright, curious and knowledgeable young woman.

Before joining the Exponentiel team in 2021, Camille worked as a Communications Agent for the Contemporary Art Galleries Association (AGAC), a non-profit organization dedicated to consolidating the recognition and prosperity of the Canadian market for contemporary art. She dedicated herself wholeheartedly and with astuteness to promoting the organization and collaborated in the execution and advancement of a multitude of major projects.

Camille completed a Bachelor in Communications (Public Relations) at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) in 2022, and is currently pursuing an MBA in SME management at Laval University.

She loves life at Exponentiel because…

Exponentiel enables me to quickly progress along my career path, which stimulates my strong capacity for learning. I enjoy collaborating in project creation. And since I detest routine, I like the fact that every day is different.

What’s most important to her

Protecting the environment. I make sure that my lifestyle habits are good for the environment. At work, I'm proud to contribute to Exponentiel's progression towards B Corp certification and to increasing the sustainability of our operations.

Her Exponentiel attitude: grounded optimism

I always see the glass as half-full! I focus on the positive while remaining aware and realistic.