Issues management and crisis management

A company's reputation takes years to build, but it remains fragile. A host of scenarios can generate situations of risk, internal crisis or media crises. At Exponentiel, we know how precious reputation is, and how to protect it, maintain it or restore it, no matter where the media wind blows you.

Accompanying you through turbulent times

With tact, expertise and experience, our team supports leaders who need to make important decisions quickly under media scrutiny, or who want to plan their approaches to avoid crisis. While time is often the worst enemy, issues management, reputation management and crisis management call for quick action and good public relations reflexes. You need the right allies on your side to think things through and take the right action.

How we go about things

Working with your teams in the field or your management committee, we can take preventive action, such as drawing up a crisis management plan, running a simulation, or helping you in the heat of the moment, depending on your needs.

Our strategic sense and in-depth knowledge of the media will ensure that you're in good hands, even in times of turbulence and uncertainty.

Yasmina Wahdani, Senior Consultant at Exponentiel

We can simulate airplane flight, or build the airplane in full flight.

  • Crisis management plan
  • Crisis management simulation
  • Key messages
  • Crisis management guide
  • Reputation management
  • Prevention
  • Advice, support and intervention
  • Media strategy, press releases, press briefings, etc.
  • Training
  • And more