Financial communications

Behind the numbers, there's a story to tell. Understanding financial data makes it easier to share the right message to achieve the desired impact with investors and other target audiences.

Going beyond the numbers

Whether you're an entrepreneur looking for financing, an investor wanting to demonstrate your impact, or an executive accountable to shareholders, we understand your language and know how to optimize your messages for greater impact.

How we do it

Communicating in a financial context requires navigating through a number of constraints and rules in a very rigorous and always transparent way. Each target audience has specific objectives in mind, and your messaging needs to adapt to them. Our knowledge of the business world and its codes, combined with our recognized expertise in communications, ensures you receive expert advice.

We make your numbers talk

  • Strategic advice and support in investor relations
  • Financial communication tools
  • Strategic advice and support for mergers & acquisitions or capital investments
  • Corporate finance campaigns and investor engagement
  • Content writing: annual reports, management reports, impact reports, and more
  • Communication tools for marketing financial products
  • Preparation for annual shareholder meetings
  • Financial crisis management
  • IPO communications support
  • And much more.