Corporate communications and positioning

You have an idea or an objective; we have the team and the expertise to make you stand out. With our combination of flair, skills and data analysis, we strongly believe that even the most complex organizational issues can be communicated in a clear and effective way. It can even represent an opportunity for favourable positioning.

A poorly communicated idea remains merely a concept.

For our team, every corporate communications and organizational positioning project is an opportunity to reinvent who we are, to help you take action, according to your needs and objectives. We become an extension of your team, a trusted ally, from initial strategy to deployment and results analysis.

How we go about it

A strategic plan is the key to successful positioning of any organization or leader. Depending on where you want to go, we'll work with you to map out the most effective route to get there, and accompany you along the way. To change your image or the perception of public opinion, of your customers, of your team or any other stakeholder, we'll use make use of media relations, public affairs, advertising placement, influencer marketing, internal communications or any other channel, depending on your needs. In short, we call on all our expertise and creativity to position you effectively, and we jump in with both feet.

Marie-Christine Houle, Consulting Director at Exponentiel

We help you stand out with

    • Communications planning
    • Strategic planning
    • Leadership positioning
    • Public appearance planning
    • Outreach planning
    • Public relations
    • Corporate projects positioning
    • Diagnosis and analysis of your communications practices
    • Leveraging your existing communications channels
    • Recommending and managing the implementation of new communications channels
    • Development of a global strategy to strengthen the consistency of your message
    • Preparing speakers for strategic meetings or public speaking engagements
    • Media relations
    • Content writing: speeches, thought leadership, open letters, key messages, FAQs, white papers, and more.
    • Etc.
    • Strategic consulting in organizational communications
    • Internal communications
    • Employee surveys and focus groups
    • Employee engagement and involvement
    • Positioning your organizational culture
    • Organization of internal events
    • Change management support in the context of transformation or major projects
    • HR marketing and employer branding
    • Content writing: articles for your intranet, in-house interviews, message from the president, and more
    • Etc.
    • Media strategy and press relations
    • Organization of press events: press conferences and press briefings
    • Briefing and preparing spokespersons for media interviews or press briefings
    • Communications strategy in line with your business objectives
    • Benchmarking executive presence and image management
    • Media monitoring and reporting
    • Press review and analysis
    • Interview coordination
    • Content writing: press release, media advisory, press list, Q&A document, and more
    • Etc.
    • Strategic consulting and support for mergers, acquisitions or team integration
    • Financial communications
    • Content writing: annual reports, business reports, and more
    • Etc.

They put their trust in us