• Aug. 1, 2023
  • Digital communications    
  • Client: Savonnerie des diligences
  • SMB

Do more than buy a bar of soap; support a committed small business

The Savonnerie des Diligences and Exponentiel, two small businesses that share a common understanding

The handcrafted soaps from Savonnerie des Diligences have long been a favourite for those who appreciate natural, eco-responsible products. La Savonnerie wanted to stand out from its growing competition and make its mark in the hearts and habits of a younger clientele, equally fond of healthy, local products.


  • Encourage sales of the products by growing the Savonnerie's online community
  • Promote the Savonnerie's ecological and social commitments to generate added value in the minds of its customers
  • Improve direct communication with customers
Soap box from Savonnerie des Diligences
Savonnerie des Diligences' products
Savonnerie des Diligences' shelves


With its expertise with small businesses and good knowledge of the Quebec skincare ecosystem, Exponentiel was in a good position to understand the Savonnerie's challenges and propose actions to help it stand out from the crowd.

On Facebook and Instagram, two platforms where the Savonnerie was already active, Exponentiel deployed a content strategy focusing on the authenticity of the Savonnerie and its social and ecological commitments.

At Savonnerie des Diligences, nothing is left to chance when it comes to production. Everything is the fruit of careful thought and conscious choices. Whether it's the 100% Canadian non-GMO blend of sunflower and canola oils, the beehives and clover that stimulate biodiversity in the plant's garden, soap production in East Bolton, collaborations with local businesses, and much more, there are plenty of topics to get the conversation going. They serve to demonstrate the impact of the purchasing decisions consumers make when choosing the Savonnerie, but also, more globally, when choosing Quebec small businesses.

By presenting the products and their benefits on social media and in the customer newsletter, the Savonnerie demonstrates its vitality to its growing community.


Since the start of Exponentiel's consulting service in digital strategy and content writing, La Savonnerie has noted an increase of nearly 7% in its Instagram followers and nearly 4% in its Facebook followers.

Pictogram of the Exponentiel communication agency's stand-out aid


  • The Savonnerie des Diligences represents some one hundred handcrafted products made in the Eastern Townships and distributed in over 350 points of sale in Quebec.
  • The average open rate of the Savonnerie's customer newsletters is more than 2 times higher than the industry average.