• Oct. 20, 2023
  • Media strategies and relations
  • Coups de cœur exponentiels
  • Written by: Valérie Bélanger

Exponentiel contributes to the 14th annual Semaine pour l’école publique – the Week for public schools

Exponentiel's objective in supporting the Fédération autonome de l'enseignement in organizing the launch of the Week for public schools—or Semaine pour l'école publique (SPEP) — is to ensure that Quebec's public schools are recognized as the public jewel they are.

On October 2, in the hall of the Grande Bibliothèque, we invited SPEP ambassadors and the media to lunch and to share their commitment to the cause. On-site and in advance, the Exponentiel team of Véronique, Karina, Valérie and Camille pulled out all the stops to make the event a success.

For its 14th edition, SPEP wanted to breathe new energy into its activities. Who better than its new spokesperson, the one and only Simon Boulerice, to bring colour and warmth to the festivities? He was the perfect person to create a celebration worthy of the name, and to generate the expected media buzz.

In addition to bringing together numerous partners actively supporting public education, the SPEP launch was an opportunity to set aside any differences of opinion. As the event was intended to be non-partisan, we were fortunate to welcome representatives of several political parties, including the Minister of Education, Bernard Drainville, as well as opposition education critics Marwah Rizqy and Ruba Ghazal.