• Nov. 15, 2023
  • Communications, Creative, Design, Illustration, Writing
  • Written by: Exponentiel

Ready, set… Rise above! Exponentiel unveils its new branding!

Our agency shares its new branding, which fully reflects who we are and the promise we make to the leaders, businesses and organizations that put their trust in us: to rise above.

Véronique and Mathieu, the duo at the head of Exponentiel, gave much thought to the best approach to take their vision of the agency's future and its growth potential even further. From the very beginning, the tandem has seen that the agency stands out when it dares to do things differently. With Exponentiel's tenth anniversary approaching, the time was right to fully embrace who we are and our boldenss, which is what sets us apart!

To dive deeper into this reflection and bring our vision to life, Exponentiel joined forces with Lucide Studio, a creative agency that also does things differently. Clément Dura, the President and Founder of Lucide Studio, and his collaborators, were able to capture our essence and represent it perfectly with a brand identity that fits with us.

Reflecting our collective evolution

Over the past decade, the world of communications has evolved, and so has our agency. It was necessary for us to better represent the different services we offer, as well as our team spirit, which is that of a family. As an ally and accomplice to leaders and businesses in achieving their objectives, the agency needed a brand identity fully in line with its promise: to rise above.

This promise is an opening for us to assert our difference, to embrace it and draw inspiration from it to move forward and stand out. Among other things, it reflects:

Our raison d'être: To help our businesses, leaders, our team and partners to achieve a higher level of success, while generating greater well-being for all.

What inspires us: To be close collaborators, empathetic and worthy of trust for CEOs and leaders who want to make a lasting difference by achieving results that go further.

Tired of the beaten track?
Great, so are we!
Our new identity
reflects our boldness.

A close-knit team

Recently, the number of our mandates has multiplied, and the agency has grown exponentially.

Exponentiel's new brand identity is also a reflection of the unique and varied talents of every member of our team who are, on a daily basis:

  • dynamically responsive;
  • creatively grounded;
  • strategically driven;
  • refreshingly original and
  • optimismistically realistic.

We choose and are chosen by people who stand out in order to generate exponential results. We're a close-knit team, who enjoy being together and cultivate creativity. ‘Rise above’ is our brand promise, but it’s also the promise we make to the members of our team, by supporting them in their development and learning, and by nurturing an inclusive, learning culture where everyone can flourish and contribute to our collective success.

A service offering that mirrors our expertise and our values

Thanks to the talents in our team and their extensive and varied expertise, we have redefined our service offering. Our redesigned areas of expertise, enriched by new services such as impact communications and financial communications, stand out and better illustrate who we are, what we offer and how we can support businesses and leaders in an ever-changing world.

As with other key elements of our renewed identity, our services come to life through illustrations that make our distinctively whimsical side shine in the sincerest way and bring the spirit of our ‘clan’ to life through playful scenes.

In short, our brand embodies not only who we are, but also our spirit of innovation and adaptability in the face of our changing world and. We embrace our new identity as we embrace our boldness, to be a people-driven agency with a lofty vision and a flavour all our own.


  • Client: Exponentiel – Véronique Arsenault, Mathieu Lavallée
  • Strategy and artistic direction: Lucide Studio – Clément Dura
  • Concept and copywriting: Fleming & Friends – Kerry Fleming and Isabelle Cardinal
  • Writing: Christelle Lavoie et Exponentiel
  • Illustrations: Simon Bousquet
  • Web Development: Antoine Tremblay