• Jun. 13, 2023
  • Coups de cœur exponentiels
  • Written by: Véronique Arsenault

Lanaudière’s cultural riches: a driving force for economic development

From region to region, the start of summer is an opportunity to see just how much culture can help kick economic development into high gear. Not just in terms of the interest that outsiders take in other regions of Quebec, but also in the collaborative initiatives that spring from this shared desire to raise the profile of the region, as in Lanaudière.

A summer promotional campaign dedicated to promoting arts and culture, called Ta nouvelle flamme culturelle, highlights the eclectic programming of the towns of L'Assomption and Repentigny. The two towns, in collaboration with Théâtre Hector-Charland and Théâtre Alphonse-Desjardins, are joining forces to promote artists and events from southern Lanaudière. This type of campaign boosts the region's visibility and reputation as an arts destination, thanks to a website, a large number of billboards and an increased presence on social networks.

Lanaudière is renowned for its festivals, such as the Festival de Lanaudière and the Festival Mémoire et Racines, which attract thousands of visitors every year. These events generate significant economic spin-offs, supporting the local hotel, restaurant and retail industries. They also create temporary employment opportunities in the region.

Attracting spectators from all over the region and beyond, Lanaudière is a dynamic place that knows how to make the most of its cultural riches. Now, it's up to us to discover the region's cultural riches: artistic events are the best way to do just that.