• Jul. 9, 2024
  • Digital communications    , Marketing communications
  • Column, Communications, Media
  • Written by: Antoine Gagnon et Corine Lajeunesse

A game of truth or dare with Maxi

From May 14th to 16th, 2024, Maxi launched on its Facebook page a truth or dare game by tagging well-known brands and personalities across the province. Various companies were identified in multiple posts and engaged with the content.

In Numbers

  • 12 posts on Maxi's Facebook account
  • 24 personalities or companies identified
  • Over 24,000 reactions
  • Over 4,000 comments
  • Over 850 shares

The identified companies were highly diverse:

  • Food organizations: St-Hubert, Cordon Bleu, Mikes et Valentine
  • Organizations outside Maxi’s ecosystem: Mondou, NewLook, Ubisoft et BRP
  • Some personalities: Alexandre Champagne, Marilou Bourbon et Anick Jean


Maxi is known for its successful use of humor in visuals, advertisements, and social media posts. This type of content is appealing and sets Maxi apart from competitors by evoking emotion in the audience.

The truth or dare game proved to be a winning strategy for Maxi, though it can be risky if poorly executed. Humor can be a double-edged sword if used without prior analysis. Venturing into such potentially murky waters requires a dedicated team to manage community engagement, monitor digital community reactions, and respond swiftly, as needed.

Exponentiel’s Perspective

Timed perfectly, the truth or dare concept seamlessly integrated into Maxi's playful and humorous editorial line. May was an ideal period due to quieter social media activity in Quebec (no major holidays, fewer engaging promotions, less user activity, etc.)

This original idea allowed Maxi to forge connections with organizations and personalities beyond its network. Engaging with other brands, a common practice, reaches a target audience not subscribed to Maxi's page and opens the door to potential partnerships.

This strategy enhances Maxi's brand awareness, while strengthening brand attachment. Clever and humorous content fosters parasocial relationships, resulting in heightened engagement that extends beyond social media platforms.

While Maxi's truth or dare game was highly ingenious, it warrants analysis from multiple angles. Despite its effectiveness, adapting such a strategy to other organizational contexts requires careful consideration.


  • Engages communities of multiple companies simultaneously.
  • Forges relationships among organizations statewide.
  • Stands out from less playful content of Maxi's competitors.
  • Aligns perfectly with Maxi's humorous editorial line.
  • Achieved Maxi's highest Facebook mentions in the past year.
  • Generated a significant spike in reactions on Maxi's page.


  • Drives discussion solely among companies, potentially alienating Maxi's primary customer base.
  • Original ideas may attract fleeting attention, artificial engagement, and editorial voids.
  • Humorous content requires thorough environmental and competitor analysis to avoid misinterpretation or offense.
  • Risk of targeting the wrong companies that may not participate.
  • Our verdict

    Maxi's truth or dare game was a resounding success. If your organization aims to engage and directly involve other businesses through content strategy, here are some recommendations based on this initiative.


    • Analyze your environment, including competitors and content landscape.
    • Clearly define objectives for such strategies.
    • Develop ideas aligned with your editorial tone to stand out.
    • Personalize concepts to reflect your mission or brand image.

    Key Considerations

    • Such content primarily boosts engagement and visibility rather than concrete sales.
    • Such strategies diversify daily content; avoid repetitive use.